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RIDGI Components

The RIDGI do-it-yourself retaining wall system is simple to install – all you need are your choice of concrete sleepers and steel posts.


RIDGI Concrete Sleepers

Knowing your RIDGI Sleepers are engineer designed and reinforced, means they are strong and reliable. RIDGI sleepers come in a variety of designs and textures and finishes.

RIDGI concrete sleepers are 1.5m (length) x 150mm (height) x 65mm (width) and are designed to go to a maximum height of 900mm. Is your project larger then 900mm high? Check out the EXPLORER range from Austral Masonry engineer designed for retaining walls up to 3m in height. engingeer designed for retaining walls up to 3m in height.

When you do-it-yourself using a RIDGI reinforced retaining wall system you can be confident that you are using a system has been designed and engineered specifically for retaining walls, garden edging and beds up to a height of 90cm (900mm).

The RIDGI system comprises of concrete sleepers and a strong, long lasting 60UC hot dipped galvanised steel post system. This ensures you won’t have to worry about termites, rot, warping and your RIDGI will stand the test of time.

RIDGI system has a 15-year warranty and is proudly Australian designed and manufactured by Austral Masonry.

The variety of RIDGI system finishes enable you to easily get the look you want.


RIDGI exceeds the requirements of the Australian Standards for Earth-Retaining Structures (AS4678) as well as the standard set in the AS/NZS4680 standards of Hot Dip Galvanizing.

In line with the Non-Conforming Building Products Code of Practice Guidelines, Austral Masonry are proud to report that the RIDGI range satisfies the relevant regulatory provisions, specified in the National Construction Code (NCC).

In particular, these provisions were met via the use of ‘A certificate from a registered, professional engineer which certifies that a building product’s design, composition and, the method of installation complies with the requirements of the NCC’.

RIDGI Galvanised Steel Posts

RIDGI-postsDesigned to give longer lasting protection against weather and corrosion, RIDGI retaining posts are stronger, last longer and are hassle-free.

RIDGI Retaining Posts are colour coded and simple to use with joiner posts, corner posts and ender posts  which are easily configured using the RIDGI planner into your retaining wall design.

RIDGI posts are available in the following lengths:                 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m & 1.8m.

RIDGI posts are sold by full length: calculations for post length should be made based on doubling the wall height i.e. for a 90cm [900mm] wall height you will require a 1.8m [1800mm] length post.

The RIDGI Planner makes planning and designing your wall or garden bed easy.


An enviable track record

Austral Masonry has an enviable track record as a manufacturer and supplier of concrete and steel retaining wall products for the civil and residential construction industry. The Austral Masonry Factory spans over 16,000m2 with a team of over 70 staff involved in the day to day operations and manufacture of the highest quality reinforced sleeper solutions.

Over 30 years of research, product development and experience has enabled innovations that have led to the development of the do-it-yourself RIDGI system which exceeds engineering standards for retaining walls below 1m and is only available at Bunnings stores.

Uniquely designed

Austral Masonry has developed their own range of specially designed moulds which allow for the manufacture of a slimmer and lighter concrete sleeper for DIY retaining and garden bed solutions. The finishes and designs of the sleepers are unique to Austral Masonry.


Planning is everything! To make you get the right materials to successfully do-your-own RIDGI we’ve prepared a downloadable planner.